40th Activity Possibilities SURVEY


As we schedule the events surrounding our 40th Class Reunion, we need to get committments for some of the activities in order to schedule courts, courses, tours, etc. Please take a few minutes and click some boxes. At the bottom of the survey is an area for your thoughts and suggestions. Collective group information will be shared, but individual answers will remain anonymous. If there is not interest for a particular event, that event will be dropped. 


Thank you,

40th Class Reunion Committee

Teri Sterling-Ferguson, Rob Heimbach, Karen Stoops Rutan, John Stonehill and Bud Conklin



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1)   I'm interested in Golf for Saturday morning.

  Golf in Frankfort
  Golf in Indianapolis
  My guest would like to golf
  Helping plan the golf outing for the reunion
  I can help provide prizes for the golfers

Select all that apply.
2)   I am interested in Pickle Ball for Saturday morning.

  Yes - my skill level is high
  My guest wants to play as well - skill level high
  Yes - my skill level is moderate
  My guest wants to play as well - skill level is moderate
  Yes - my skill level is novice
  My guest wants to play as well - skill level is novice
  I would like a refresher class before the GAMES BEGIN!
  My guest would like a refresher class.
  Helping plan the pickle ball event
  I can help provide prizes for the pickle ball players

Select all that apply.
3)   I'm interested in a picnic for Sunday, everyone brings their own food/beverage.

  Yes and I'd like to help plan this fun event!
  I would like to donate to help pay for the shelter.

Select all that apply.
4)   I am interested in a breakfast/brunch in Indianapolis on Sunday.

  Yes and I'll be bringing a guest.
  I'm interested in planning/volunteering for the breakfast/brunch on Sunday.

Select all that apply.
5)   I am interested in gathering on Friday evening in Indianapolis at a pub or brewery.

  Yes and I'll be bringing a guest.
  I would like to help plan/volunteer for the Friday evening event.

Select all that apply.
6)   I am interested in the winery tour on Saturday during the day.

  Yes and I'll be bringing a guest.
  I would like to help plan/volunteer for the winery tour.

Select all that apply.
7)   I am interested in volunteering to help with the reunion raffle.

  I have items to donate for the raffle

Select all that apply.
8)   I plan on attending the dinner and am interested in helping set-up prior to the dinner. This would include setting up the items for check-in table, raffle, putting out the photo props, etc. The venue will set-up all tables/chairs/linens/centerpieces.

Yes No
9)   I am interested in taking the shuttle from Indy/Carmel to Frankfort. Estimated pick up 4pm. Dinner is at 5pm. Estimated return around midnight.

  Yes 1 person from Ironworks
  Yes for 2 from Ironworks
  Yes 1 person from Drury
  Yes for 2 from Drury

Select where you wish to be picked up. If you (and a guest) are staying at the Ironworks or Drury, select the proper button.

If you (and a guest) live in the Indy Metro area and want to take advantage of the shuttle, you can park at either hotel and take the shuttle. Select the hotel with the correct number of guests.

*the cost will be based upon the number of people and the size vehicle we need. We can't guarantee that we can set this up without at least 10 people committing (smallest transport).
10)   I am interested in

  Tour of Frankfort Senior High School
  Helping with the tour of the high school
  Tour of Old Stoney
  Helping with the tour of Old Stoney
  Tour of Goodwin's museum
  Helping with the tour of the Goodwin's museum

Select all that apply
11)   I am interested in helping the reunion efforts by (list below):

This survey ended on 05/18/2023.